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Mark Braunias

Brief Biography

Mark Braunias was born in Tauranga, New Zealand. He lives and works in the small coastal village of Kawhia, in the North Island's King Country. Braunias studied at the Canterbury School of Fine Arts in Christchurch, graduating in 1987. His first solo show took place at Jonathan Smart Gallery in 1988. He was the inaugural winner of the Wallace Art Award in 1992, and from 1993 - 2013 he tutored at the Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland. In 2011, Braunias was awarded a Fulbright/Wallace scholarship to take up a residency at the Headlands Centre for the Arts in San Francisco.

His work is held in major public, corporate and private collections in New Zealand and overseas. Braunias has exhibited in various public gallery exhibitions including: A Very Peculiar Practice, City Gallery Wellington (1995); Gruesome, Robert McDougall Art Gallery Christchurch (1999); The Cartoon Show, Auckland Art Gallery (2001); First Time Caller, Dunedin Public Art Gallery (2002); Congo / Sly Grogger, Southland Museum and Art Gallery (2005); Visual Bank, The Tauranga Art Gallery (2007); London Town, The Sarjeant Gallery Whanganui (2008); Children's Charter, The Christchurch Art Gallery (2010); The Archivists, The Sarjeant Gallery Whanganui (2014); Art Central Hong Kong (2015). 

Solo Exhibitions

2015 - Anti-Groovy, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2014 - Welcome to Gankland, Paul Nache Gallery, Gisborne
2013 - Old School, Ilam School of Fine Arts, Canterbury University
2013 - Encyclo Dimensional, Bath Street Gallery, Auckland
2012 - SPACEDOUT, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2012 - Men on Mars/ Plan 9.5 from Outer Space, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington
2011 - Open Studios, Headlands Centre for the Arts, San Francisco, USA
2011 - Pants On, Pants Off, Paul Nache Gallery, Gisborne
2011 - Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, Bath Street Gallery, Auckland
2010 - Children's Charter, Christchurch Art Gallery, Christchurch
2009 - A Message From Planet Zonked, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2009 - The Periodic Table,  Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington
2008 - Recent Work, Bath Street Gallery, Auckland
2008 - London Town, Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui
2007 - No More Gurus, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2007 - Visual Bank - Tauranga Art Gallery, Tauranga
2006 - Congo / Sly Grogger Southland Museum and Art Gallery, Invercargill
2006 - The Shrink, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington
2006 - World Gone Worly, Rm 103, Auckland
2005 - Congo, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch, NZ
2004 - Rats and Lemons, (Big Wall Project) Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin
2004 - My New Art God, Lopdell House, Auckland
2003 - First Time Caller, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2003 - A Day in my Life, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington
2002 - First Time Caller, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin
2001 - Soft, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington
2001 - Good Shit, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
1999 - The Dibbloes, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington
1998 - Mumsy, Gregory Flint Gallery, Auckland
1997 - Gank, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington
1997 - Fagas, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
1996 - New Work, Gregory Flint Gallery, Auckland
1995 - Recent Paintings, Gregory Flint Gallery, Auckland
1995 - Gank, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
1995 - Paintings, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington
1994 - New Work, Gregory Flint Gallery, Auckland
1994 - Young Anzacs, Jonathan Jensen Gallery, Christchurch
1993 - Praha, Jonathan Jensen Gallery, Christchurch.
1992 - Debutantes, Artis Gallery, Auckland.
1991 - Praha, Malostranska Bedesa, Prague.
1990 - Emblems of Identity, Last Decade Gallery, Wellington
1990 - Emblems of Identity, Star Art Gallery, Auckland
1990 - Works on Paper, Jonathan Jensen Gallery, Christchurch.
1989 - Black Paintings, Jonathan Jensen Gallery, Christchurch
1988 - Paintings, Jonathan Jensen Gallery, Christchurch
1987 - Submission Works James Paul Gallery, Christchurch


Group Exhibitions

2015 - Art Central Hong Kong, Hong kong
2014 - Burster, Flipper,Wobbler etc, Christchurch Art Gallery, Christchurch
2014 - Assault on Art Precinct 13, Ramp Gallery, Wintec, Hamilton
2014 - My Name Was Brad Devo-Looper, Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui
2013 - Blue Guts, in collaboration with Jill Kennedy, The Film Archive, Auckland
2013 - The Rutherford Collection, Pah House, Auckland
2012 - Anti-War, Anti Orgasm, Light and Space Gallery, Quezon City, Phillippines
2011 - What I did last summer, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington
2010 - Pretty Vacant, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin
2010 - Colour, Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui
2010 - 19th Annual Wallace Art Awards 2010, Pah House, Auckland
2009 - Auckland Art Fair, Bath Street Gallery Stand, Auckland
2009 - Nicht so Schlim, High Street Project, Christchurch
2009 - Marsupial, Newcall Gallery, Auckland
2009 - What we do here, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington
2007 - Tylee Cottage 21 Years, Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui
2006 - Policy Decals for New Habits, High Street Project, Christchurch
2005 - Heavy Breathers with Ben Buchanan, Show Gallery, Wellington
2005 - Mark Braunias & Peter Robinson, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington
2004 - True Love, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin
2004 - Recent Acquisitions, Christchurch City Art Gallery, Christchurch
2001 - The Cartoon Show (Artists Project) Auckland City Art Gallery, Auckland
2001 - Adrift, Conical Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne.
2000 - Collectors Choice, Te Papa, Wellington, Christchurch, NZ
1999 - Gruesome, Mc Dougall Art Annex, Christchurch, NZ
1999 - The Photograph, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington, NZ
1998 - Taking a Line for a Walk, C.O.C.A Gallery, Christchurch, NZ
1998 - What We Do Here, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington, NZ
1998 - New Zealand on Paper, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington, NZ
1997 - Visa Gold Art Award, Auckland City Art Gallery, Auckland, NZ
1997 - Current Abstraction, Milford Galleries, Dunedin, NZ
1997 - Cranleigh Barton Drawing Award, McDougall Art Annex, Christchurch
1996 - ECNZ Live, Wellington City Gallery, Wellington, NZ
1996 - Visa Gold Art Award, Auckland City Gallery, Auckland, NZ
1996 - Aftermath, McDougall Art Annex, Christchurch, NZ
1995 - A Very Peculiar Practice, City Gallery, City Gallery, Wellington
1995 - Visa Gold Art Award, Wellington City Gallery, Wellington, NZ
1994 - Painters, Gregory Flint Gallery, Auckland, NZ
1994 - Braunias, Nielsen, Dunning, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington, NZ
1993 - Cranleigh Barton Drawing Award, Mc Dougall Art Annex, Christchurch.
1993 - New Zealand Art Seen, Manawatu Art Gallery, Palmerston North
1993 - Visa Gold Art Awards, Wellington Public Gallery, Wellington
1992 - James Wallace Art Award, Wallace Trust, Auckland, NZ
1991 - Critics Choice, Artis Gallery, Auckland. NZ
1991 - Canterbury, Star Art Gallery, Auckland, NZ
1990 - Situation and Style, Jonathan Jensen Gallery, Christchurch, NZ
1987 - 4 Impressions, Gingko Gallery, Christchurch
1987 - Young Contemporaries, CSA Gallery, Christchurch