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From The Clinic

Neil Pardington
May 3 - 21, 2005

First sampled by Ewen McDonald for Public/Private (the 2nd Auckland City Art Gallery Triennale, a year ago), Neil shows further work in his series "From The Clinic". The feeling of these digital prints processed from 4 x 5" colour negatives, is of eerie detail. We are offered more visual information than we would normally take in upon entering a room, as our eye scans the intimacy and the technology of various medical sites operating theatres, morgues, post-mortem and dissection rooms all clinically clean, "empty" and sterile a bit like the white cube of the gallery.

We note the photographer's careful, almost forensic examination of the scene. As he moves, we move from one room into another the objective eye so-called, gazing through the large format camera, all scrutiny and power. And it is remarkable what is there: plastics and tubes in red, yellow and blue become linear flourishes in a pale field, a field of scrubbed cream. And in this field, the body is deeply implicated but the person never present. Both public and private. Stunning photographs these: sculptural; lush; sexy even; though probably not for the squeamish.

Selected works

1. Dissection Room #1 - 2005
2. Operating Theatre #2 - 2004
3. Operating Theatre #8 - 2005
4. Postmortem Room #4 - 2005
5. Scanner #2 - 2005
6. Morgue #2 - 2004
7. X-Ray Machines - 2005
All prints are 1270 x 1550mm in an edition of 15. Originated on a 4 x 5 colour negative, they areChromira digital prints on Kodak Endura paper. All prints are pigment on archival paper, from 2002-2003.

The artist wishes to thank Dunedin Hospital, Dunedin School of Medicine, MidCentral District Health Board, and Whanganui District Health Board for their assistance and support.