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Margaret Dawson 

1950 Born Blenheim, Aotearoa New Zealand.
1978 Diploma of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury, NZ
1992 Bachelor of Arts, University of Canterbury, NZ
1993 Recipient of QE11 Arts Council Fellowship
1995 Master of Fine Arts 1st Class Honours, University of Canterbury, NZ
1996 Project Grant, Creative New Zealand
1997-98 Photography Lecturer, University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts
1999 Artist in Residence, Rangi Ruru Girls School, Christchurch, NZ
2000 William Hodges Fellow, Southland Arts Residency
2000 Artist for Art & Industry 2000 Biennial
2001-02 William Hodges Fellow
2003-06 Photographic Tutor at the Design & Art College, Christchurch, NZ

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013 Que Sera Sera, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch, NZ
2008 Tinsel, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christcurch, NZ
2008 She had an uncanny feeling she was repeating herself, High St Project, Christchurch, NZ
2006 Recital, Mary Newton Gallery, Wellington, NZ
2005 Hobbyhorse, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch, NZ
2003 All the King's Men, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch, NZ
2003 …shot over summer, Eastside Gallery, Linwood, Christchurch, NZ
2002 A Room of One's Own, Forrester Gallery, Oamaru, NZ
2002 A Room of One's Own, Millennium Gallery, Blenheim, NZ
2002 Looking for the Golden Carp and Bryndwr Lakes, Waikato Museum of Art & History, Hamilton, NZ.
2002 Another Hanging of Ned Kelly (Amusements), Photospace, Wellington, NZ
2000 The Men from Uncle & THE END, Southland Art Gallery, Invercargill, NZ
1998 The Men from Uncle, Australian Centre of Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia;
1998 Recital, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch, NZ.
1997 The Men from Uncle, Manawatu Gallery, Palmerston North, NZ
1997 OVER, Govett-Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth, NZ
1996 Under the Hill, Aberhart North Gallery, Auckland, NZ
1996 13 Men from Uncle, Jonathan Smart gallery, Christchurch, NZ
1995 OCCUPATIONS - Places Where the Homeless Sleep, The Arts Centre, Christchurch, NZ
1994 Amusements, The Annex, Robert McDougall Gallery, Christchurch, NZ and touring
1993 Where is she? Schoolhouse, Ferrymead Museum, Christchurch, NZ:
Maladies, Left Bank Gallery, Greymouth, NZ.
1992 Flowers, Birds and Maladies, Manawatu Art Gallery, Palmerston North, NZ

Selected Group Exhibitions

2006 Hobbyhorse, Zero, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, and touring (NZ and Australia)
2006 Hobbyhorse, Zero, Manawatu Art Gallery, Palmerston North, NZ
2005 Xmas Show, Ng Gallery, Christchurch, NZ
2004 Public / Private The 2nd Auckland Triennial, Auckland City Art Gallery, curated by Ngahiraka Mason & Ewen McDonald
2003 Victory Over Death, Peter Mcleavey Gallery, Wellington, NZ, curator Peter Ireland.
2002 the Hemlich Unhemlich, Melbourne Festival, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, curator Juliana Engberg:
2002 Out of Sight Art & Craft Show, Riverton Hall and Southland Museum and Art Gallery, Invercargill, NZ & touring organized by Margaret Dawson.
2001 Dark Plain, Coca Gallery, Christchurch, NZ, curator Ewen McDonald.
2000 The Photo Show, Te Wa The Space, Wanganui
1998 Oblique, Otira, Canterbury, NZ, curator Julianne Stephenson.
1998 Close Relations, Australian Centre of Photography, Sydney, Australia.
1998 Picturing History, CoCA, Christchurch, NZ
1996 Collected Intimacies, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch, NZ
1995 Current - Contemporary Photographic Art Photoforum, Auckland Museum, NZ
1993/4 Alter/Image, Wellington and Auckland City Art Gallery, NZ curators Deborah Lawler-Dormer and Christina Barton.
1990 Now See Hear! City Gallery, Wellington, NZ curators Gregory Burke and Ian Wedde.
1990 In the forest of dream, Moet & Chandon Art Foundation, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, NZ & touring
1989 Imposing Narratives, City Gallery, Wellington, NZ & touring, curator Gregory Burke.

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